What I Can Do Better

I have faced criticism in the last couple of days and I would like to know what I need to do better.


Schedule for week of 26-31

3/26 – Jets v. Canes

3/27 – Canadiens v. Bruins

3/28 – Jets v. Penguins, Blue Jackets v. Oilers

3/29 – Ducks v. Blackhawks

3/30 – Bruins v. Flyers, Maple Leafs v. Senators, Canucks v. Oilers

3/31 – Blackhawks v. Redwings, Bruins v. Sabres

These games will be key talking points in Shawns Thoughts and Shawns Hockey Talk on Youtube.

Schedule for 3/20-3/25

Mar. 19 Bruins v. Jets

Mar. 20  Wild v. Wings

Mar. 21 Bruins v. Sens

Mar. 23 Sharks v. Wild  Bruins v. Maple Leafs, Blues v. Oilers

Mar. 24 Flyers v. Penguins

Mar. 25 Maple Leafs v. Bruins

These games will be key talking points in Shawn’s Thoughts