Shawn’s Thoughts

Sharks Continue to Struggle, Leafs Finally Beat Bruins, and Blues Roll Past Oilers 3-0

The Sharks continue to struggle as they fail to score a goal against the red-hot Minnesota Wild. A great job in net by both goaltenders, but you need to score in wins. Trade talk continues to rule the bay area media as they keep on struggling. Leafs slip by the Bruins as they got dominated all night. The Bruins out shot the Leafs 33-13 and still get beat 3-2. This due to a bad performance by Khudobin (3GA on 11SA) and a great performance by Reimer (2GA on 33SA). A little bit of luck on Sundin Night as well. And the Oilers got outplayed as the Blues rolled on past them. Blues played great team defense all night and that combined with 3 goals was enough for a 3-0 shutout.

The Value Iginla Brings to Contenders

As Jarome Iginla has just released his list of four teams he would be willing to go to, and one thing is really clear, it will be a long shot. As the inside of a fortune cookie once told we ” everything is possible, just not probable “. The fact these teams are contenders makes it hard enough. They don’t need an old right winger with experience who they will lose at the end of the year most likely. These teams let me remind you don’t need experience. ( Pittsburgh 2009, Chicago 2010, Boston 2011, Los Angeles 2012) The most probable team here is Boston who needs scoring. (Last 5 games GPG : 2.00) A team full of prospects as well. But I think Calgary wants a guy that can play right now and two players I could see going are Horton or Peverly and a draft pick. Calgary probably won’t make the playoffs making this deal, but a good penalty killer who is smart and has speed and a draft pick might be enough compensation for the desperate Flames to take. For Boston this might be the shake up they need to get back on track. Losing a penalty killer won’t hurt them at all and the offense gained (Iginla has 8 goals and 13 assists this year) would help them out dearly.

What To Take From GM Meetings

Even though there is no immediate rule changes what we are hearing from the GM meeting in Toronto this week is huge. Some great changes to the sport and some useless junk that will never pass. Most likely we will see mandatory visors in the near future. We will also see hybrid icing. I think these are key building blocks to keep the players and the game we love so much, safer. As for the goalie pads that idea is stupid. what I would like to see is shootouts getting taken away. What do you want to see? And sorry about the technical difficulties.

Are the Penguins the Real Deal?

After winning their 11th straight last night the question to ask is: Are the Penguins the real deal? Can they win it all? I have been very critical in the past of the lack of defense we see out of the Pens, but this year we see that defensive element. Not that they are more physical, but there have great positioning and win one on one battles along the boards with their stick skills. This new defensive element combined with their offensive skill is what makes them so deadly. The question that must be answered is how will they do in the playoffs. Last year a lot of people had them picked. A sloppy first round exit ended that. The seven other teams currently in the playoffs the Penguins can handle. In other words they can play their game against them. Unless we get a suprise and the Pens get a team they have a hard time keeping their cool against, expect a long playoff run.

What Does a Rivalry Mean to Fans

The most intense rivalry currently in the NHL is between the Penguins and the Flyers. As I have noticed from reading comments on blogs it impossible to keep neutral in this rivalry. You can even tell which commentators have taken sides. (Milbery and Pierre) Anyways the main point of this is to discuss the meaning of rivalries and the effect it has on fans. My personal opinion on this rivalry is pretty clear. For the most part this is the most entertaining hockey you will watch. It is non-stop back and forth action. The fact that 60% of these games are televised is great too because it can grow the NHL to new heights. If you have a friend that doesn’t watch hockey, then show them this series and they will be hooked. That is to this day the only non-Bruins game/series he will watch.


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